The only source
of knowledge
is experience.
Albert Einstein - Physicist
We have to dream.
How else will we make a future
that does not exist.
Simon Sinek - Author and Inspirational Speaker
All storms pass.
It’s how you weather them
that matters.
Jimmy Chin - Filmmaker and The North Face®-Sponsored Athlete
The keys to success are patience, persistence, and obsessive attention to detail.
Jeff Bezos - Founder and Executive Chairman Amazon
What counts are merely
the experiences
one gains along the way.
Reinhold Messner - Mountaineer, Explorer and Author
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Guest lecturer and keynote speaker at leading universities, business schools, and conferences

Adviser to B-to-B companies on Customer Centricity, Client Relationship Management and Customer Experience strategies

Mentor for the next generation professionals and young business executives

Summitbook, founded and owned by Henk Folmer, is a specialized advisory firm focused on the delivery of three services;

  • Speaker
    Henk Folmer is a guest lecturer at leading international universities and business schools and is a sought-after keynote speaker at logistics and industrial real estate conferences. He shares expertise, insights and the latest trends in supply chain management, urban and last mile logistics accelerated by the growth in e-commerce, as well as warehousing and distribution.
  • Adviser
    Henk is an adviser to leadership-, sales- and marketing teams within B2B companies, providing hands-on expertise to design and implement Customer Centricity and Client Relationship Management strategies. He is passionate about developing outstanding Customer Experiences. With the view to unlock uncommon growth, Henk assists in creating agile business models, allowing clients to swiftly adapt to disruption and continuous changes in their customer’s expectations.
  • Mentor
    Henk is a mentor for the next generation professionals and young business executives. He strenghtens talent development and helps achieve both human and organizational growth.

"Life's a bit like mountaineering - never look down."

~ Edmund Hillary

Henk Folmer

His passion for logistics and his genuine interest in people, combined with tremendous energy, integrity and loyalty, have earned Henk the highest level of trust and respect from customers, investors and business partners. Always thinking several steps ahead. I have enjoyed working with Henk, from start to finish.
Hamid R. Moghadam
Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO
Henk represents an unparalleled blend of knowledge of logistics real estate, expertise in customer centricity and depth of industry relationships. He is also a true joy to work with. One of the best in the business!
Jeremy D. Giles
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Constellation Real Estate Partners
Henk is driven by authenticity, professionalism and a deep knowledge of how logistics works. Not only is his knowledge of the market second to none, but he has deep insight into what makes the big logistics companies tick.
Robert Hall
International Partner, Logistics & Industrial – EMEA
Global Occupier Services, Cushman & Wakefield