About Summitbook

Founding Summitbook has provided me the opportunity to turn a long held aspiration into reality.

The aspiration is to establish my own advisory firm.

Create a venture which allows me to operate from a position of independence and autonomy, with the objective to share experience and collaborate with a network of trusted relationships, whose expertise I value and respect. 

Provide a diverse suite of services, designed to create impact, to give something back and to exemplify Summitbook’s cause. 

I support private and corporate clients to manage complex problems, I inspire them to develop creative solutions and transformative strategies, so that with fresh perspectives, energy and dedication, we can all clearly see the horizon again!


A summitbook is a physical book at the summit of a mountain. It invites mountaineers to register their name once they have reached the summit. Writing your name in the book marks the end of a successful ascent. What you write in the summitbook is a fingerprint – your name, date and time of the ascent and maybe some anecdotes and stories for other visitors to read.

Reaching the summit is important but planning and timing for the return down is just as critical. Success can only be celebrated when you make it back to the valley, safely.

As you progress in life, you build your own summitbook full of experiences, achievements and key learnings. You leave fingerprints behind as a result of everything you do.

I feel privileged to have worked for different companies, all leading brands, ranging from multi-modal transportation and infrastructure, freight forwarding and contract logistics, to industrial real estate development and investment management.

I am thankful for the incredible opportunities I was given to learn and develop myself in areas such as strategy setting, business development, customer experience, business-to-business marketing and global client relationship management, most recently at Prologis.

As I prepared for the launch of Summitbook and reflected on my personal and professional life, thinking of everything I have done, seen and experienced, it felt the time was right to open up my own ‘Summitbook’ to you and realize what I have decided to do.   

Share with you lessons learned, observations, stories and anecdotes collected during my journey up to this point. I will also use my hindsight and insight so that I can turn it into meaningful foresight for my clients, and give something back to the next generation!

Henk's the full package. Smart, honest, passionate, and fun to work with too.
Steve Callaway
Head of Global Customer Solutions
Prologis (retired)
In-depth expertise combined with excellent client service
and engagement with our investors
Martina Malone
Managing Director, Head of Global Capital Raising
Working with Henk was an absolute pleasure;
a solution orientated strategic leader
Huw Phillips
Head of Transformation and Digitization, Real Estate
Deutsche Post DHL

Guest lecturer at leading universities, business schools and conferences

Adviser to B-to-B companies on Customer Centricity, Client Relationship Management and Customer Experience strategies

Mentor for the next generation professionals and young business executives