Customer Centricity is everything! 

Great brands operate on the foundation of a Customer Experience built around the customer, but that remains unique and exceeds expectations, every time. When the customer is the focus of your business decisions, you will reach a high level of brand loyalty—your customers become passionate advocates of your products or services, without you even asking.

Four building blocks for a Customer Centricity Strategy

A comprehensive Customer Centricity Strategy is the foundation of a successful Customer Experience. Four building blocks are all you need to become a truly customer-centric business. Using these blocks enables you to understand and overcome commercial challenges and adapt to disruption and rapidly changing customer-needs and expectations.

These complementary building blocks are easy to implement. They trigger the involvement and support of all key internal stakeholders and enable you to improve your level of service and product quality.

Customer Experience and Customer Journey

By reviewing all the interactions or ‘touch-points’ of customers of your company, I measure and analyse their experience. Which elements are positive or need improvement? I determine how you can increase satisfaction and customer loyalty and make sure your service levels and performance are ‘radically consistent’ across all touch-points.

Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty Surveys

Customer feedback from regular surveys is incredibly important and valuable. It improves the understanding of your customer and their pain-points and level of loyalty.

Customer Advisory Board Program

When you get together with your largest and most strategic customers in a Customer Advisory Board on a regular basis you turn your customers into your advisers, a very powerful instrument!

Strategic Client Relationship Plans and CRM software

It is important that your account management teams are informed and organised in their communication and actions with customers. A Strategic Client Relationship Plan, often combined with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, provides you the most important real-time customer data.

About Henk

Henk has extensive global experience in B2B marketing and client relationship management. His areas of expertise are:

  • Customer Advisory Board meetings and workshops.
  • Strategic Client Relationship Management.
  • Customer Experience, Customer Journey, Net Promoter Score surveys.

Adviser Services and Approach

In his role as Adviser for B2B companies, Henk acts as the sparring partner for the company’s leadership, sales and marketing teams. He advises them how to manage their commercial challenges by breaking down complex problems into manageable building blocks.

Often a quick scan of the company and its customers, commercial strategies and competitors is the starting point towards developing a roadmap with the required Customer Centricity building blocks. He aims for the plan to be fully aligned with your company culture in order to get strong and broad company buy-in. That is why the roadmap will always be developed in close collaboration with your leadership and project team.

Depending on your needs, Henk can lead the projects or initiatives directly, support your own staff or bring you into contact with trusted partners and specialists.

Do you want to know more about the actions that can improve your customer’s satisfaction and elevate your brand? Please make the connection to explore the possibilities.

Henk managed the global K+N relationship at Prologis, working with me since 2014. Both in years of solid business results as well as in more difficult times, I have always felt he had our strategic partnership in mind as he has been instrumental to find the best solution to the challenges at hand.
Dr. Carl G. Deppisch
Senior Vice President Real Estate, Kuehne+Nagel
Henk has been overseeing the UPS-Prologis relationship for many years. It has been valuable to our business to work through one central Europe contact, who is able to connect all the dots and support us across Europe whether for new space, renewing existing space or built-to-suit development projects.
A dedicated, responsive and truly trusted partner
Giles Williams
Director of Real Estate EMEA, UPS
Henk has always been close when I needed professional support. Friendly in solving tough issues. Reliable as a professional, with no artificial distance as a person.
Marek Zychla
Managing Director,
Raben Group

Guest lecturer and keynote speaker at leading universities, business schools and conferences

Mentor for the next generation professionals and young business executives